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Regenerative Medicine and the Future of Health

Regenerative Medicine and the Future of Health


SNS Subscriber Edition
Week of 6/27/2016    
Vol. 21 Issue 23

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FEATURE: Special Letter: Regenerative Medicine and the Future of Health

  • Early Foundations
  • A Unique Human Biobank
  • Conclusion
  • About Robin Y. Smith


Publisher’s Note:  As is the case with many truly revolutionary discoveries, there is first a big media splash, and then the spotlight seems to move on. Often, this is the time when things are really getting interesting, as more minds and more money are allocated to creating terrific paths for change.

All of this is true for the discovery of, first, stem cells, and then, almost magically, induced pluripotent stem cells, cells that have been regressed from mature (sometimes human) cells into stem cells that can become – and therefore, often heal – almost anything.

In this week’s Special Letter, members will be amazed to discover the ground that has been covered since the initial discovery of these amazing cells and the processes that produce them. Read on, and you’ll feel that you are already living in the future. – mra.

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