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SNS: A Near-Term Climate Cataclysm?

SNS: A Near-Term Climate Cataclysm?


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Vol. 26 Issue 29

A Near-Term Climate Cataclysm?

  • How to Reverse Climate Change
  • How Do We Get Back to 300 ppm?
  • Looking Ahead

Peter Wadhams, a Cambridge professor and Arctic expert, told Strategic News Service in a video interview over the weekend that he expects that a cataclysmic climate event of unforeseen proportions could make parts of Earth uninhabitable in as little as five years. Such a scenario, he said, could come about as a result of consequences from the positive feedback loops of climate change, including accelerating ice melt in the Arctic and Antarctic, methane release, flood, drought, and massive wildfire.

Wadhams spoke to SNS CEO Mark Anderson and NASA emeritus lead and SNS member Patrick Hogan over Zoom on Saturday morning just before taking off for Greenland, where he’s been studying the effects of sediment on ice melt. Emeritus professor of Ocean Physics and head of the Polar Ocean Physics Group in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge, Wadham is best known for his work on sea ice.

His most surprising and pressing point: rather than a long-term timeline, such as 2050 or even 2060, as has been previously predicted, this kind of disruption could take place as soon as five years from now.

We at SNS agree that there is a high likelihood that the last few years of accelerating drought, flood, and wildfire could converge into a truly cataclysmic event or series of events. An event that makes parts of Earth uninhabitable due to the unexpected consequences of current nonlinear patterns and their additive role in Earth systems. And we believe that these climate cataclysms will cause unforeseen levels of disruption to the global economy and life here on Earth.

The purpose of this week’s Global Report is to alert you, our members, to this possibility so that you and your families can prepare yourselves – personally, organizationally, financially – for this potential in a much shorter time frame than has been previously reported.

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