SNS: Asia Letter: ChinaPan Evolves

SNS: Asia Letter: ChinaPan Evolves


Volume 14, Issue 30
Week of August 15, 2011

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Feature: Asia Letter: ChinaPan Evolves

  • The Awkward, Dangerous Stage of Mercantilist Development
  • The Peaceful Rise of China?
  • Inner Space
  • Operation Tomodachi, Continued
  • Close Enough for Government Work
  • About the Author


Publisher’s Note: China’s first diplomatic response, since the advent of its “Going Out” campaign, to the ASEAN and APEC trade associations could have been called “divide and conquer.” Rather than join the existing groups and trade agreements, China chose to strike individual trade deals with every important member.

Today, as our Editor notes, China and Japan together are pushing for new mutual free-trade agreements – perhaps unlikely to include the U.S. – even as they jockey for money and power wherever they meet.

Once again, our Asia Editor has brought us an on-the-ground look at the world from a Tokyo-based, post-tsunami perspective. I expect all of our members will find the results of this view to be useful and, to some degree, surprising. – mra.

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