SNS: Asia Letter, Q1 2011: The Big One

SNS: Asia Letter, Q1 2011: The Big One


Volume 14, Issue 12
Week of March 21, 2011

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Feature: The Big One

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Publisher’s Note: For over a decade, we have had the benefit of our Asia Editor’s on-the-ground view of Japan and Southeast Asia. Those of you who have followed us during this period have read his qualifications in finance, technology, and all things Japanese and South Korean. Today, he works as a top analyst and officer for an international banking firm in Tokyo.

At his request, and because banks apparently are a little shy about telling the truth in public (are you shocked?), we have renamed this valuable team member Eric Grant. If you know him by another name, that’s fine, too.

As the Godzilla Crisis in Japan began to unfold, Eric was in Tokyo. And since the moment of the first earthquake, as you will see today, we have been in close touch with him. In this issue, we are including the professional view of Japan’s struggles and successes, but also the personal. The latter is presented in a series of lightly edited emails, in the “Ethermail Special” section of this letter.

I think that, between the two of these sections, SNS members will get a strikingly blunt, and personal, view of business and private life in Tokyo over the last three weeks.

I would like to thank Eric for staying in such close touch with us throughout this period, and for finding the time to write this issue when there are so many other priorities on his desk. Our members will now be the beneficiaries of his efforts. – mra.

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