SNS: Asia Letter, Q1 2012: Now It Gets Interesting

SNS: Asia Letter, Q1 2012: Now It Gets Interesting


Volume 15, Issue 2     
Week of January 10, 2012

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Asia Letter, Q1 2012: Now It Gets Interesting

  • Happy New Year
  • The Peaceful Rise of the Renminbi
  • Trans-Pacific Partnership
  • The U.S., India, and Japan
  • The Limits to Greater Tibet
  • Lessons from Fukushima
  • About the Author


Publisher’s Note: After years of publishing our regular Asia Letter, I find I have two responses with each new issue: I’m glad that this material is getting into the hands of global leaders in technology and finance, through SNS; and glad I personally have a chance to learn from Eric’s exquisite attention to detail. I find that, even when I have already studied a subject in some depth, Eric’s personal insight and ground-level information help me better understand the Asian View on that problem.

In this issue, Eric shares data with us on new strategic issues and movements that are moving minds and money in Japan, ASEAN, and China: post-crisis reawakening of the nuclear export market, U.S. pressure on the new TPP agreement, Japan’s tightrope act in trade and currencies, and Japan’s new currency deal with China, to name just a few.

For SNS members doing business – or thinking of doing business – in Asia, I think you will find this week’s letter both fascinating and useful. Add in President Obama’s just-announced Enforcement Task Force (aimed at Chinese business practices in market access and intellectual property), and candidate Mitt Romney’s choice of Chinese practices as a campaign battle cry, and you have an interesting year coming up for all involved. – mra.

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