SNS: Asia Letter, Q2 2012: One Year Later

SNS: Asia Letter, Q2 2012: One Year Later


Volume 15, Issue 16    
Week of April 16, 2012

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Feature: Asia Letter, Q2 2012: One Year Later

  • The Same, Only Different
  • Changes in Attitudes
  • Q & A
  • Efficiency Gains
  • What’s Next?
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Publisher’s Note: It’s difficult, if not impossible, for those of us physically outside Japan, and culturally disconnected from her culture, to appreciate the incredible response to the tragic issues of a year ago. From the deeply personal to the public governmental and business reactions to this cascade of tragedies, the Japanese have quietly shown the world how to deal with adversity. At the same time, inadvertently, this period has given us a chance to acquire a deeper understanding of these levels of enterprise that we otherwise might never have seen.

As always, SNS Asia Editor Eric Grant has provided an insight into what is real about these responses, from an on-the-ground perspective, which I find invaluable. I have little doubt that our members will, too. – mra.

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