SNS: Asia Letter, Q2 2013: Japan Back in Gear

SNS: Asia Letter, Q2 2013: Japan Back in Gear


Volume 16, Issue 13      
Week of March 25, 2013

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Feature: Asia Letter, Q2 2013: Japan Back In Gear

  • Japan Back in Gear
  • Soft Power
  • Faith in Technology
  • Economics of Whaling
  • “The Canada of Asia” Revisited
  • About the Author

Publisher’s Note: This week, Asia Editor Scott Foster has again provided SNS members with a strategic insight they are unlikely to find elsewhere, and which, on its own merits, may decide the near-term economic future of Asia. Specifically, the “new Meiji Restoration” Scott describes would, if real, mark the dramatic shift of Japan’s position as the leading postwar mercantilist nation into one of free trade. This would be accompanied by a desertion of the farm lobby and concomitant of a degradation of the Rice Lobby’s political hold on the LDP, a revolution within that political party, and a new willingness by government to allow the gutting of multigenerational protected industries, in return for fairly won international profits.

I am not holding my breath.

But Scott is virtually always spot-on in his observations, so I’m also going to enter a period of “watchful waiting” to see whether, in fact, we are about to see a real economic revolution in Japan.  – mra

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