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SNS: Car Wars

SNS: Car Wars


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Week of 4/8/2019
Vol. 24 Issue 12

Car Wars

  • The Global Market
  • The Enabler Platform
  • China’s Automakers
  • The Costs of War
  • Further Reading

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  • The Belt and Road Initiative As Espionage Focus
  • The INVNT/IP Digest

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  • The Top 5 Best-Selling Electric Cars in China Today


“What do you get when one new product category not only represents a gigantic global market, but also includes virtually all of the most important new technologies coming online this decade? And what happens when a ruthless leadership, known for ignoring international trade law, decides to put the country’s full financial and political muscle behind its entrants into this contest?

And, just to make things interesting, what if the same country were the only one in the world that both had the power to enforce early acceptance of this product on a mass scale and understood its future pivotal role in global technology market domination?

What is the product? The autonomous electric vehicle.

And the country? China, of course.

Let’s underline how important, and how little understood, this whole story is. If this were only about a step-function change in cars, moving from internal combustion to electric, it would still be a big story in terms of money, jobs, supply chains, global competition – and one that everyone already knows about.

If it were about the SNS Enabler Theory and how one single platform could carry – and accelerate market acceptance for – many critical new technologies, it would be new and interesting.

If it were also about the massive battle between China and the West over IP theft, and technology dominance, it would catch global attention.

And if, finally, it were about China’s ability to do the same market-forcing in cars and most technologies that it has done in turning an unknown company called Huawei into the global leader in telecom equipment, then it would terrify every non-Chinese business and political leader in the world.

Let’s take a look at Car Wars along these lines, and add some charts and market figures.


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