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SNS: China on the Edge

SNS: China on the Edge


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Week of 07/02/2018
Vol. 23 Issue 21

China on the Edge

  • The Media, the Experts
  • The Chinese Economic Contraction
  • The Business Model Conflict
  • The US View
  • What’s Next?

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  • The INVNT/IP Digest


In this week’s discussion, we’ll look at China’s current declining economic status and how it relates to what other nations and their technology companies can expect as the US, the EU, and Australia struggle with China for economic (and therefore, military and strategic) dominance. –

“One of our key economic mantras at SNS is:

In the post-information age, every sector of the global economy is driven by technology.

Last Tuesday, China and the EU announced an agreement to work on trade issues together through the WTO. According to the AP account, they will “work to update global trade rules to address technology policy, subsidies and other emerging irritants and preserve support for international trade amid US threats of import controls.”

In chess, this would be called a “blocking move” by China.

China has zero intention of changing its national business model, nor of making any material changes to its “Made in China 2025″ program, the goal of which is global domination of all major technology sectors. Conversely, there is one and only one reason China is even willing to discuss such subjects through the unenforceable WTO processes: the tariffs on Chinese products instituted by the US.


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