SNS: FiRe 2008 in Review: Part I

SNS: FiRe 2008 in Review: Part I


Volume 11, Issue 18     
Week of June 1st, 2008

In This Issue

Feature: FiRe 2008 in Review: Part I

  • Identifying Tomorrow’s Energy Sources
  • Hydrogen from Aluminum and Water
  • Earth on FiRe: Rapid Response to Climate Crisis
  • Trading Carbon Credits: What’s Next, and Who Benefits?
  • CTO Design Challenge
  • Hotspots I
  • The Future of Wireless: From Mobile Ads to Mobile Purchases
  • Next Up in High-Performance Computing
  • The Deep Lesson of the Financial Crisis: Economics Is Not a Branch of Physics
  • The Global Economic Future: Should We Be Terrified?
    • The Bank of Japan and Liquidity Crisis
    • Bifurcation of the Economy
  • Hotspots II
  • The Next China: Beyond the Olympics

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