SNS: FiRe 2011 in Review: Part III

SNS: FiRe 2011 in Review: Part III


Volume 14, Issue 22
Week of June 20, 2011

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  • FiRe 2011 in Review:
  • Thursday Afternoon, 5/26
  • Friday Morning, 5/27

Publisher’s Note: As in past recent years, I have asked Sally Anderson and Berit Anderson, our SNS Editor in Chief and blogger, respectively, to write about what really happened at FiRe, for those (many) of our members who were unable to be there personally – and perhaps as a useful aide-memoire for those who did attend as well.

The fact that so much of substance transpires at our FiRe events is proven in the writing itself, and is an increasingly stark comparison to the many content-free conferences we all attend during the year.

This year FiRe really seems to have moved out on its own: not only did many of the participants again say that it was the best ever (an always-higher bar for staff), but also that the content was even more substantial. I like to say, if you want to know what it feels like to have a stroke, go to TED. But if you want to cure the stroke, go to FiRe.

On that path, we worked on solving and understanding an unprecedented number of technical, scientific, and social problems during our week at FiRe this year. And I’m pleased to announce that this must be a rewarding process, because a record number of paid participants have already signed up for next year.

I hope you enjoy this discovery process as much as we did at FiRe. We seem to have found a new way of exploring together.

My special thanks to Sally Anderson and Berit Anderson for the large amount of work that goes into preparing these FiRe reviews.

Herein you will find Part III of this review. Members will notice that a review of FiRe subjects and findings is also a good reminder of all that we have discussed in the prior year, brought up to date in a single meeting. With this issue, you now have the completed review in your hands.

As always, we thank our partners, sponsors, and supporters, who make FiRe possible.
– mra.

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