SNS: FiRe 2014: The Inventions and Trends We’re Watching

SNS: FiRe 2014: The Inventions and Trends We’re Watching


Volume 17, Issue 11
Week of March 17, 2014

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Feature: FiRe 2014: The Inventions and Trends We’re Watching

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  • Tying Huawei to the Chinese Government
  • Ukraine Issues
  • I Don’t, ICANN’t

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  • Simon Hackett, Version 3.0
  • A Worrying Pattern Among Global Bankers?
  • The Missing Flight


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Members Making News

As we approach the Future in Review Conference’s 12th anniversary, it’s safe to say that this conference has, more than any other, proven able to unveil major new trends and even discoveries, usually years before they show up in the trade press or at other events. Friend and SNS member Larry Smarr is fond of saying that, despite his longtime membership on NASA’s advisory board, he was first exposed to the commercialization of space through Elon Musk’s 2003 presentation in FiRe’s own launch year.

Of course, it was at FiRe that Larry, also founding director of the Calit2 Institute (UCSD), launched a new chapter in the medical field called the “Quantified Self” – a moment that changed his own career, and the path of the Institute. (Disclosure: I serve on Calit2’s advisory board.)

Our program plan has been simple, and, we think, bleeding-edge:

  1. Always do the best job in the world in laying out the future of core industry technologies, from communications to computing.
  2. Once this future is clear, find a way to use this knowledge to make new discoveries, create new initiatives, and do work that will improve the planet.
  3. Continue to open up new fields of discovery and business opportunity for participants.But wait – I forgot the most important thing:
  4. Limit attendance, pick a staggeringly beautiful venue, make sure that everyone has the time to meet and form new friendships, partnerships, and plans, and have a fantastic time together.

If this doesn’t sound like the usual tick-tock-tech conference, with PowerPoints and sales pitches onstage – or even the coolest un-conference, with do-it-yourself, feel-good agendas – well, it isn’t.

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