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SNS: FiRe 2019: Anticipating the Unexpected

SNS: FiRe 2019: Anticipating the Unexpected


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Week of 9/9/2019
Vol. 24 Issue 29

FiRe 2019: Anticipating the Unexpected


Publisher’s Note: FiRe has become world-famous for not being like the other global technology conferences. We don’t put 20,000 unknown folks into a mammoth expo hall, nor do we maximize headcount and minimize human contact.

Since our beginnings in San Diego 17 years ago, our approach has been based on the human algebra of what would be needed in order to create an experience that would combine two unusual results: how to make FiRe the most personally memorable and important event of the year for its participants and how to provide a platform for the most efficient and most productive exchange of ideas, focused on future work together.

I think it’s safe to say that, for many years running, we have succeeded in these two goals. I have spent my life going to “technology conferences,” and I’ve never seen anything remotely like FiRe.

In this week’s issue, FiRe programs director Berit Anderson describes what we will be doing together at FiRe 2019 next month, and why it matters, and therefore why you might want to join us. We’re now close to full up, but a few more places are still available. I hope, after reading this issue, you decide to make the life-changing decision of joining us at FiRe this year. – mra.

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