SNS: Five Major Trends

SNS: Five Major Trends


Volume 16, Issue 20       
Week of June 10, 2013

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Feature: Five Major Trends

  •  Privacy vs. Lunacy
  •  Global Warming vs. Low-Cost Energy
  •  IP Drives the Global Economy
  •  Corporations Trump Inventing Nations
  •  Mercantilist Nations Trump Corporations

Quotes of the Week


  •  Obama’s ConnectED and the AORTA Manifesto

Takeout Window

  •  Apple: No Air in That Balloon


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Members Making News

There are a handful of major trends that are driving the world today, above and beyond all others. These are so important that they seem to be driving the bulk of all other smaller trends. A couple are new, and a couple are not properly defined yet, but all are remarkable in their impact. For that reason, rather than writing about sub-trends in this issue, I thought enough of these had become evident that sharing them would be helpful.

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