SNS: Global Report on Asia, Q3 2013: What It Takes

SNS: Global Report on Asia, Q3 2013: What It Takes


Volume 16, Issue 22     
Week of June 24, 2013

In This Issue

Feature: Asia Letter, Q3 2013: What It Takes

  • East Asia Reset
  • Half Speed Ahead
  • China Gets the UK
  • Leverage for Africa
  • The World’s Next New Factory
  • A 30-Year View on Myanmar
  • Tesla Motors Gets Japan
  • About the Author

Publisher’s Note: As SNS Asia Editor Scott Foster clearly describes in this quarter’s Report, we are now seeing a massive shift in investment into the ASEAN region. As recently as five years ago, these funds would have flowed almost entirely to China. But today, for reasons ranging from China’s aggression to wages and receptivity in the other nations of Southeast Asia, the global flows seem to be headed in ASEAN’s direction.

If your success depends on understanding this shift in investment and manufacturing, you’ll find this issue important to your, and your company’s, future. – mra.


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