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SNS: How Corporate America Grew Up

SNS: How Corporate America Grew Up


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Vol. 25 Issue 33

How Corporate America Grew Up: A Guide to Complete Chaos and Utter Turmoil

  • The Regulatory Gap
  • The Losers of Corporate Citizenship
  • The Road Ahead

Social and political turmoil are solidifying a new reality for 2020 America: competition and economics have for a long time acted as the most stringent, and most effective, regulators of corporate behavior. But political machinations in Washington have created a new environment in which corporations are increasingly taking a more proactive, sometimes socially mature, approach to shaping American society.

The Big 5 – Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, and Facebook – stand to benefit the most from this shift, given their massive infrastructures of data and services and their ability to pick and choose their preferred regulatory environments and public services as they serve the companies’ PR needs.

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