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SNS: Inflections Everywhere

SNS: Inflections Everywhere


In This Issue
Week of 11/7/2016    
Vol. 21 Issue 37

FEATURE: Inflections Everywhere

  • The US Presidential Election
  • Brexit
  • Germany Gets China
  • CFIUS Gets Hotels
  • Microsoft Gets Apple
  • The DDOS Attack
  • Qualcomm and NXP
  • Pick a Stock
  • Philippines and Malaysia Cave
  • FCC on Privacy
  • Losing the Net
  • Turkey Goes Rogue
  • The US Election: Rigged? Hacked? Certifiable?
  • Jet Engine Failures

Quotes of the Week

Takeout Window

  • Copycat Chinese Fighter
  • What Happens When You Cross Car Companies with Ride-Hailing?
  • Flow Economics: Moving IP and Cash to Avoid Taxes
  • The “Real” Facts About Investment in China


  • Building the IOT – Without Batteries



As SNS members have no doubt noticed, we’ve been intensely focused for the last few issues on the many new discoveries and initiatives coming out of FiRe 2016. Now we’re turning our attention to the 12th annual SNS Predictions Dinner in New York, and what we see coming in 2017. (And whether we can maintain our 94.7% past predictions success rate.)

But while we’ve been drilling down on all the major issues and innovations coming out of FiRe, it turns out that the world refused to slow down. In fact, quite the opposite has occurred: for a variety of reasons that are pretty clear, companies and countries have been experiencing a very high number of radical changes – inflection points in their potential that will likely change outcomes for years going forward.

For this reason, instead of honoring the usual structure of the SNS Global Report, this week we’re going to call these out as a group in high relief, identify correlations where needed, and suggest where these changes are leading us.


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