SNS: Infrastructure 2.0 and the New Data Center Culture

SNS: Infrastructure 2.0 and the New Data Center Culture


Vol. 12, Issue 7       
Week of February 16, 2009

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Feature: Infrastructure 2.0 and The New Data Center Culture

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Publisher’s Note: James Urquhart comes from a past perfectly suited to allow him a vantage point over the future of data centers, the Cloud, and what we have taken to calling “Infrastructure 2.0.” How important is it to understand this structure, how it works, who plays there, and what it provides (and does not provide) for the customer? It is the key question of the next 3-5 years, which is why James will be joining us at Future in Review 2009 to talk about this subject at greater length, and why we will have another larger group of experts focused there on the same question.

I highly recommend James’ ideas to any of our members interested in where this overhyped, mis-described trend is headed. It makes sense to have a grounded view of it now, extending forward a few years, rather than some vague pie-in-the-sky vision that will get between your company and IT success.   — mra.

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