SNS: Inside FiRe

SNS: Inside FiRe


Volume 16, Issue 17        
Week of May 13, 2013

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Members Making News

Given that many SNS members each year cannot attend our Future in Review Conference, and that a few who are on the edge may yet decide to come, I always take this moment in our run-up to the event to share the inside story on our themes and selections for the year.  Knowing what these are, and why they have been selected, should provide its own level of insight to our members, regardless of whether they are attending.

To that end, I’ve included this year’s current Agenda, and added my comments after a select number of them to highlight the trends that I think are currently defining the future of technology and the economy.

I am very proud that FiRe continues to define the “bleeding edge” of what a conference is, or should be.  From our early, smart decision to ban PowerPoint presentations in 2003, when we launched FiRe, to creating five new Global Initiatives last year, I believe that FiRe has already established itself as the intellectual beacon for how people meet, learn, and create amazing new things. We also can be proud of our primary charter: to provide participants with the most accurate view of the future in technology and the economy.

Whether your interest is in chips, software, massive data, analytics, data visualization, cloud computing, security, IP theft and protection, technology markets, international trade, or global economics, FiRe has consistently focused on problems (and solutions) that, usually years later, became mainstream. Concepts introduced in SNS and at FiRe now inform how San Diego and Austin fight urban wildfires; how people stay healthy using personal measurement; and even how we see the Digitized Earth, ending in Google Earth and NASA World Wind, and starting with the Earth II site of more than a decade ago.

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