SNS: Looking Further

SNS: Looking Further


Volume 17, Issue 25
Week of July 7, 2014
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Feature: Looking Further

Publisher’s Note:  Almost all great leaps in science and technology seem to be foreshadowed in great works of science fiction. For that reason, we bring the best writers of science fiction to our FiRe Conference every year and ask them to tell us what’s coming. Each year this conversation becomes more compelling, and this year’s tête-à-tête with David Brin and Neal Stephenson was definitely one of those peak experiences.

Whether you want to better understand why so many sci-fi books are dystopian (you’ll laugh out loud at the answers), or why humans ought to be building towers of Babel to the sky, I think every one of our members will be delighted to become part of this conversation. You may agree or disagree with their views of what is down the road for humankind, but like it or not, we will probably be seeing their visions come true, and sooner rather than later. – mra.

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