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SNS: The Real China Plan: Part I: Going Out

SNS: The Real China Plan: Part I: Going Out


In This Issue
Week of 5/29/2017
Vol. 22 Issue 20

SNS: The Real China Plan – Part I: Going Out

  • Actions vs. Words
  • Going Out
  • Expanded Going Out: Theft
  • Cash Out: Buying Domination
  • People Out: “The Asian Invasion”
  • Spies Out: Ramping Up
  • Humint Spying

Quotes of the Week

Upgrades and Numbers

  • Lenovo Numbers
  • Using Social Networks to Hack Government Computers
  • New DOJ Indictments of US Chinese Spies on IP Theft Charges

Takeout Window

  • Underground, Transport’s Third Frontier
  • China Behind WannaCry?
  • From the Dept. of “We Are So Screwed”



Contrary to Western (and Asian) media stories on the issue of China’s behavior, and to the many media stories planted by China on its actions and intentions, the country’s actions in espionage, theft, trade threats, and market domination through illegal practices have ramped up rather than declined. Because the propaganda from China has been effective, if also often patently obvious (as prior to Xi meeting Trump), I thought this would be a timely topic for this week’s issue.

Specifically, we have seen nothing in print that shows the Chinese effort as an integrated set of offensive and illegal behaviors, since this pivot in September 2015. The US system of news cycles, siloed interests, and short-term memory combines to prevent public awareness of any master plan – a weakness shared by other democracies with free speech – while the Chinese (and Russian) approach is thoughtful, planned, integrated, and intelligent in both strategy and tactics.

Most Americans, for example, likely think China is “helping us” with North Korean negotiations – something that even the president not only appears to believe, but has also traded off for all leverage on ongoing economic warfare.

Most Americans also likely believe that the military takeover of the entire South and East China seas is a separate problem, and discussion, from the TPP treaty and other economic issues. For the West, it is; for China, it is not. We gauge this by watching the interplay and timing of the two by China, while the US seems to always be playing catch-up.

It is also worth mentioning that a second, deeper pivot occurred among China’s rulers, starting back in May of 2015: as they became aware that the country was economically contracting, despite all efforts to the contrary, the Politburo began using new tools, in both propaganda and action, to keep the world from seeing these problems, and doing whatever had to be done to relieve them.

In today’s discussion, I’ll address the major parts of China’s new plan for global market domination. In approaching this subject, I’ve asked Evan Anderson, CEO of our INVNT/IP division and author of the “Theft Nation” Cabinet-level briefing book, to add detail and insight in each of these categories. As the Department of Justice noted after the airing of the record-audience 60-Minutes episode spotlighting his work, no one has done a better job of describing how China makes money.

So, when you get tired of hearing all the great things about China’s work in the world today, here’s a short list of the major programs inside its real plan for growth, based on the pattern of the country’s actions – not the claims – emanating from the Politburo Standing Committee.

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