SNS: Resisting Chaos

SNS: Resisting Chaos


Volume 16, Issue 5      
Week of February 4, 2013

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Feature: Resisting Chaos

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  • The Grid Perspective
  • The Network View
  • Resisting Chaos

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  • The NYT and WSJ Get Hacked by the Chinese
  • Anonymous at Work
  • The Latest Google-Related Hack
  • Apple’s Slip
  • One of the Phones That’s Beating Apple in China
  • Apple in China


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Members Making News

Although work on the Stuxnet Virus Attack was begun under President George W.  Bush, it was launched against Iran under President Obama. My understanding is that, prior to this launch, there was a legal review, parts of which are just now being made public, which examined when such pre-emptive cyber attacks would be interpreted to be legal under US and international law.

The decision out of the executive branch appears to have been that the attack should only occur if it could be constrained to the physical target of the Natanz nuclear facility in Iran. At the time of its launch, it immediately became the most successful military offensive cyber attack in (non-classified public) history.

Of course, today there are variations of Stuxnet floating around by the millions of copies, being modified by – well, who knows, or for who knows what uses?

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