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SNS: Resonance Theory: Part V

SNS: Resonance Theory: Part V


In This Issue
Vol. 26 Issue 39


Reinterpreting the Cosmos

  • Recap, Part IV
  • Hubble Revisited: Reinterpreting the Cosmos
  • The “Tired Light” Theory
  • Relativity Effects
  • A New Map of the Universe
  • Summary

Recap, Part IV

In our last piece on Resonance Theory (SNS: “RESONANCE THEORY, PART IV: Understanding Dark Energy & Matter and Einstein’s Third Biggest Mistake,” 9/29/21), we suggested that the ongoing conundrum of dark energy and dark matter in the cosmos could be resolved as inherent aspects of space itself, rather than as foreign bodies or novel inventions.

The response to these suggestions has been, to date, uniformly positive (see “Ethermail”), which has encouraged a response in this issue to the most obvious follow-on question: If the Hubble red- shift interpretation is either incorrect or incomplete, and if these observations can be interpreted, even in part, as the result of variations in spatial density, then: What is to be our new view of the cosmos?

In other words, if the major interpretations of red shift are now either in doubt or about to be disproved, what do we need to reexamine, to cast in doubt, to drop – and with what shall we replace them?

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