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SNS: Resonance Theory: Part VI

SNS: Resonance Theory: Part VI


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Vol. 26 Issue 42

Resonance Theory: Part Vi
The Cosmos: Motivating Force and Organizing Principles

  • The Cosmos: Motivating Force and Organizing Principles

I. Motivating Force

II. Emergent Behaviors

III. Flow and Interaction

IV. A More Appropriate Scientific Method

  • Summary


Dedicated to my friends Murray Cantor and John Cramer, and in honor of James Cronin.

While the work using Resonance Theory will likely never be complete, this issue provides at least a parenthetical close to the series begun in 1979 at the smallest level, bringing us back to something even smaller – the nature of space itself.

We began the Resonance Programme by understanding space through applying conservation laws to electromagnetic radiation along its axis of travel, then using this to show the inherent geometry and properties of empty space and of charged particles and anti-particles.
We ended Resonance I with the sentence: “The final conclusion of the theory must be that the properties of physical events are the properties of space.”

And we ended Resonance V with the understanding that “[t]he Story of the Cosmos is indeed the story of space dancing with itself.”

In today’s discussion, we’ll move past the now-outmoded Big Bang theory and look at what forces are driving the interplays of energy in space. This should give us a series of pathways for a much richer and more productive understanding of the myriad questions raised by the new view of the cosmos described in Resonance V.

By redefining the interpretation of the Hubble red shift to be based – in part, if not altogether – on the effects of spatial density, we now can suggest that either there was no Big Bang at all, and there is zero expansion of the universe, or at the least, that this expansion is less than currently calculated.

Since our view is that the whole Big Bang idea has now been replaced, the obvious question arises: What are the motivating force and organizing principles that drive space as it interacts with itself?

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