SNS: Resonance Theory

SNS: Resonance Theory


Volume 14, Issue 27
Week of July 25, 2011

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Feature: Resonance Theory

  • Light and Space
  • The Problem
  • The History
  • The Setting
  • The Paper
  • Quotations from the Paper

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  • Figures from the Original Resonance Theory Paper


Publisher’s Note: This week we are publishing, for the first time, the original paper describing Resonance Theory. To see this paper, with all supporting documents and submission letters, please go to:

This work, although begun in 1980, continues to describe a revolution in physics. The complete theory has additional sections not yet included in the archived online paper.

The basic aspects of this theory have the potential to affect computing, communications, photonics, materials science, and many other sectors we in SNS follow daily. For that reason, although it may seem abstract to some, it should be considered critically important for those members following the idea flow from science to technology.


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