SNS: Security vs. Technology: The Aspen Experience

SNS: Security vs. Technology: The Aspen Experience


Volume 16, Issue 27       
Week of July 29, 2013

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Feature: Security vs. Technology: The Aspen Experience

  • Aspen Security Forum
  • Fortune Brainstorm:Tech

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  • Graphene Just Gets Better
  • An Exciting New Leader for Orca Relief Citizens’ Alliance (ORCA)

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  • Redesigning Television: More Data

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I have just returned from attending two back-to-back conferences at the Aspen Institute. On the face of it, they had little in common: the Aspen Security Forum tends to include leaders from the US and the EU in defense and intelligence, while Fortune Brainstorm:Tech tends to include technology headliners likely to appear in the magazine.

Although these people live in the same world, one would never know it (with a single exception), gauging by my experience last week.

And while there were great leaders and fascinating people at both affairs, one had the distinct feeling of a certain kind of dislocatedness from reality. The Security Forum’s agenda and speaker list were heavily leveraged toward fighting “the last war” – i.e., terrorism. At Brainstorm, the lack of understanding for the need for increased security was not only palpable, but it was also almost discouraged.

Other than that, both were great shows.

I thought I might best serve our members this week by doing a quick review of the high (and low) points of these meetings, each of which tends to define its own category by world reputation.

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