SNS: Special Edition: The Global Economic Crisis: Members to Members

SNS: Special Edition: The Global Economic Crisis: Members to Members


Volume 11, Issue 34     
Week of October 6th, 2008

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Feature: Special Edition: The Global Economic Crisis: Members To Members

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Publisher’s Note: As SNS members are aware, we have recently been responding to the current wave of economic events by replacing our normal publications schedule with more focused, and more frequent, Special Alerts. This week, I have taken the liberty of gathering member responses to events, and to these alerts, because they contain so much of value. I have also included some answers and thoughts of my own, where it seems appropriate.

You will notice that these exchanges have occurred over the last couple of weeks. I have left them in their original order, from least to most recent (literally being in this morning’s mail.) I have posted more than one letter per person, where the content or the subject seemed to warrant doing so. I’ve included positive letters not for ego-driven reasons, but because these show points of view among influential readers which other members might find useful.

We will continue to do whatever seems best to provide members with timely, pragmatic information on what is happening, and what they should expect next.

Here, then, is what your fellow members are thinking and saying about the current economic downturn. — mra.

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