SNS: Special Letter: A Radical New Model for Startups

SNS: Special Letter: A Radical New Model for Startups


Volume 15, Issue 10    
Week of March 5, 2012

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Special Letter: A Radical New Model For Startups

  • The Back Story
  • Life on the Fast Ramp
  • Choosing Anti-Stealth
  • Achieving FDA Clearance
  • The Startup Team
  • Raising Money and Other Fun Stuff
  • What’s Next
  • About Sailesh Chutani


Publisher’s Note: The process of evolution is inevitably incremental, and it takes a while before a series of changes that each had its own “private” explanation results in an overall shift which, itself, has a larger meaning and cause. The eyeball comes to mind.

This week’s Special Letter breaks one of our cardinal rules right out of the gate: until now, we have never allowed companies to talk much about themselves or their products. Why the change here? Because Mobisante is in the midst of experiencing a new set of rules, pressures, successes, and opportunities as a startup, and this account would make no sense whatsoever without details and the “war story” aspects of really being there that CEO Sailesh Chutani has provided for us.

In this case, we have the additional benefit of having been close watchers of Sailesh’s success. I first met Sailesh at a FiReGlobal conference in Seattle, and was so impressed that I immediately arranged a meeting, even though at the time he was still with Microsoft, and Mobisante was mostly in the future. As you’ll see, Mobisante’s success includes having been chosen by us subsequently as a FiReStarter Company, before receiving the first permission from the FDA for a device in its category.

I’ll review what I think makes the bones of this new startup model at the end of this letter, but I encourage members to be on the lookout, as you read this exciting launch tale, of the differences from both the traditional startup processes of just a few years ago and those that have led to the successes of companies such as Facebook and Twitter.

In Mobisante’s experience, I think we see the outlines of a brand-new model, with various pieces tacked together as the model has evolved, until finally someone of Sailesh’s abilities was able to put it all together. If so, this bodes well for the future of startups, as the model itself is more pragmatic, customer-focused, and achievable than the models of the past. Who knows? Perhaps this is the model you will use with your own Next Big Idea. – mra.


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