SNS: Special Letter: Australia’s Role as Asia Rises

SNS: Special Letter: Australia’s Role as Asia Rises


Volume 12, Issue 28
Week of August 10th, 2009

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Feature: Australia’s Role as Asia Rises

Publisher’s Note: It is no accident that I am editing this issue on Australia from my desktop in a Melbourne hotel, having spoken today at a luncheon arranged by Phil Scanlan and the Australian American Leadership Dialogue, and hosted by Chris Hancock of AARNet and Ian McNeil of Ernst and Young. Yesterday, I met with SNS member Hugh Bradlow, CTO of Telstra, and tomorrow I’ll be teleconferencing with his new CEO, David Thodey, just after his first numbers release. Then it’s on to several days of discussions among members of the AALD, where I will be talking about global economics and SNS Project Inkwell, ending with a barbie in the yard of the prime minister’s residence on Sunday.

SNS members know that I believe Australia is at an amazing point in the story of the 21st century. Being close to China and Asia, and yet having the rule of law, is a combination that has been underlined by China’s recent aggressive human rights abuses at home and abroad, jailing Stern Hu when Australia blocked the sale of Rio Tinto, and then trying this week to prevent a Uighur woman from speaking publicly in Australia.

Yes, the rule of law matters more now than ever.

Meanwhile, I was told by the deputy prime minister’s office this morning that the country is on track to build out broadband to 90% of all premises (see below) and provide computers for 1:1 classrooms nationwide by 2011. This is a country with both the will and the means to be a leader in the 21st century.

The following Special Letter is an edited transcript from the Future in Review 2009 Conference. I hope you will read the transcript of this FiRe meeting on Australia Rising and come away with the same understanding I have had reinforced this week while here: everyone should be watching Australia, as it becomes a leader in bandwidth, education, and innovation. — mra.

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