SNS: Special Letter: Australia’s Strengths

SNS: Special Letter: Australia’s Strengths


Volume 13, Issue 2
Week of January 11, 2010

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Feature: Australia’s Strengths

  • Strength of the Australian Economy
  • Australia’s Place in Asia
  • About Chris Bowen


Publisher’s Note: SNS Members will recall the issue in which I suggested, a few years ago, that Australia was the next country to put on our positive Country Watch List. Since that time, Australia has had an amazing ride up, even as the rest of the world has been in trial.

About a year later, I had the pleasure of being introduced to the Australian American Leadership Dialogue, and its founder, Phil Scanlan, via live telepresence connection during FiRe, thanks to Larry Smarr and the “FiRe Laboratory” (Calit2) at UCSD. Today, I find myself a happy member not only of that lab’s advisory board, but of the Australian American Leadership Dialogue.

Phillip Scanlan, who many of you met at FiRe 2009 (and who will be rejoining us for FiRe 2010), has now moved forward into the position of Consulate-General of Australia in New York. In that office, he hosted MP Chris Bowen for a discussion before his non-Australian friends explaining the country’s current status and some of the reasons for its success.

In Phil’s words, in an email to us this week: “Chris Bowen is still in his thirties, and is an influential member of the labor caucus with a strong focus on the future. He is a patron of the young [Australian American] Leadership Dialogue, and will continue to be a big influence in the AALD. His visit to NYC and London was highly successful in engaging the interest of global investors in Australia.”

If I thought our members knew the data in Bowen’s talk already, I would not have bothered, but I think you will agree that the facts the MP has assembled here paint a truly stunning picture supporting our selection of Australia for this honor. Indeed, my guess is that what you are about to read will almost all come as new news, and I suspect our membership will change their view of Australia’s prospects based partly on this account.

I thank SNS Member and Consulate-General Phil Scanlan for providing private permission to SNS to reprint this talk, given recently by MP Bowen at the Consulate in New York.  – mra.

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