SNS: Special Letter: Big Oil – 1; Renewable Fuels – 0

SNS: Special Letter: Big Oil – 1; Renewable Fuels – 0


Vol. 11, Issue 25       
Week of July 21, 2008

In This Issue

Feature: Big Oil – 1; Renewable Fuels – 0

  • A Brief Recent History of Oil and Renewable Fuels
  • A Closer Look at the “Wrenches”
  • A Few Modest Proposals
  • About Martin Tobias


Publisher’s Note:  Many entrepreneurs (including myself) and venture capitalists in the Northwest have known Martin Tobias through his many, consistently successful business lives, from Microsoft to LoudEye and beyond. When he himself shifted from venturing in order to grow a new biofuels business, it wasn’t long before Imperium Renewables was the largest such effort in the country.

During this year’s FiRe, I talked with Martin about his experiences as CEO of Imperium, and what he thought had happened. The comments that he made became the basis for this Special Letter. I think it’s safe to say that every member will find this account fascinating. — mra.

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