SNS: Special Letter: Bringing Back the Valley

SNS: Special Letter: Bringing Back the Valley


Vol. 11, Issue 41       
Week of December 8, 2008

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Feature: Bringing Back The Valley

  • Japanese Companies Today
  • Teams, Groups, and Communities
  • Entrepreneurs in Japan
  • Japanese Venture Capital
  • Venture Capital: A Tale of Two Cultures
  • Finding the Lost Valley
  • About William Saito


Publisher’s Note: Japan has just turned back into recession, officially, after more than a decade of flat growth. If GDP is what matters, the Japanese story is one of failing to recover from the last real estate-driven bubble. On the other hand, the country’s interlinked governmental and business ventures have succeeded in building world-class companies in cars, computers, consumer electronics, digital cameras and printers, chips, TVs, and monitor screens. They must be doing something right. Here we have a look by William Saito, longtime SNS member, Japanese business leader, and past Giuliani employee. If venture is one path out of collapsed bubbles, as has appeared to be true in past U.S. recessions, how will this happen in Japan?  — mra.

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