SNS: Special Letter: Can India Look After Itself?

SNS: Special Letter: Can India Look After Itself?


Volume 14, Issue 32
Week of August 29, 2011

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Feature: Special Letter: Can India Look After Itself?

– Changing Concerns in a Globalized Economy

  • #1: Rule of Law
  • Roles of the Courts
  • Impacts of Corruption
  • The Rise of Self-Regulation
  • #2: Social Services
  • Demographics and Education
  • In Summary: When Good Laws Are Not Enough
  • About Rafiq Dossani


Publisher’s Note: One of the joys of having such highly qualified Contributing Editors around the world is that I, too, get to learn about important global changes from their SNS posts. In today’s Special Letter, I think you will find yourself surprised at what Rafiq has brought back to us on the state of mind in India, the state of corruption and its direction, and the general economic direction India is tracking today, versus just a few months ago.

The entire, world, it would seem, is experiencing a deep unease, in general focused on its governments, and each governmental attempt at solution appears to exacerbate the original problem. Europe’s response to EMU disparities has led to a deeper reservation about EU banks and politics. The U.S. Tea Party’s self-created debt-ceiling crisis has led to a well-documented fall in public opinion regarding the Tea Party itself, both leading parties, and Congress in general.

In Asia, we now have the sixth Japanese PM in five years, arriving on his first day as among the least popular ever to take the seat. Protests, to the degree that they’re reportable, appear to be on the rise in China and on ChinaNet. The Middle East is a half-done stew heated by antigovernment anger.

I am pleased to be able to share Rafiq Dossani’s penetrating view and comprehensive understanding of one of the most strategic economies in the world today, and I have no doubt that, whatever your field or title, you will be glad to have read it.  – mra.

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