SNS: Special Letter: Empowered Consumers: The New Dawn of Healthcare

SNS: Special Letter: Empowered Consumers: The New Dawn of Healthcare


Volume 13, Issue 8
Week of February 22, 2010

In This Issue

Feature: Empowered Consumers: The New Dawn of Healthcare

  • Contortions of a Beleaguered System
  • Failed Attempts to Repair
  • Who Pays?
  • Incentive for Change
  • Consumer-Based Solutions
  • Drivers for a Healthcare Revolution
  • Innovation Dominoes
  • View into the Future
  • Consumer Interfaces vs. Healthcare Interfaces
  • Now Is the Time for Change
  • The Democracy of Healthcare
  • Taking Charge of Our Health
  • About Gopal Chopra


Publisher’s Note: I first met Gopal Chopra by telephone, and soon after, at our annual SNS New York Predictions Dinner. Gopal is a perfect SNS Overachiever, appearing to cram five careers into a single lifetime, including those of practicing physician and entrepreneur.

This week the administration has put forward its own version of Healthcare 2.0, and we,Aeoll see what results. I tend to agree with Gopal: grooming the monster means you still have a monster when you,Aeore done. In this rather eloquent piece on our Fixing Healthcare thread, Gopal explains a different and, I believe, more credible way out of the mess we call healthcare in the U.S.

In addition to his lifetime experience inside the system, Gopal brings a refreshing honesty and objectivity to the conversation which I think members will find, unfortunately, unique in their reading on this subject. Although this is a long piece, I recommend reading it through, and I expect that when readers are finished they will finally feel like they ,Aeuget it,Aeu on the issue of Fixing Healthcare.  — mra.

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