SNS: Special Letter: Gaps In Our Near-Future Agenda

SNS: Special Letter: Gaps In Our Near-Future Agenda


Volume 16, Issue 10      
Week of March 11, 2013

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Feature: Special Letter: Gaps In Our Near-Future Agenda

  • Saving news media
  • The future of brick and mortar banking
  • World-saving tech
  • Focused philanthropy
  • Creating post–Pax Americana
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Publisher’s Note: Most of us now have learned that the best writers in science fiction are among the best true visionaries we have today, applying a combination of hard-science physics with a deep understanding of human affairs to show us our most likely, if not always most preferred, futures. David Brin has spent his life doing exactly this (and many other interesting things), earning himself an exalted place in the pantheon of those who try to see the future.

When we asked David to apply his skills specifically for our membership’s sake, he did just that, creating a Special Letter which is the perfect combination of high intellect, scientific background, contrarian (and therefore, generally objective) thinking, and the general optimism that most technology leaders share.

I have no doubt that our members will read David’s thoughts – and find themselves surprised and agreeing – sentence by sentence, which is the mark of his expertise. As he notes, we are experiencing a time so trying at the moment that it almost feels like some form of divine test, tough as it is, but it also seems as though, if we can bring rationality and scientific study to bear, we will be rewarded by a following period of great success.

I believe this is true, and that it is helpful to everyone to be able to see a bit farther ahead, in order to put our current problems and disagreements in perspective, and so as not to lose sight of the larger prize. – mra.


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