SNS: Special Letter: Green Tech and How It Must Save America

SNS: Special Letter: Green Tech and How It Must Save America


Volume 12, Issue 34   
Week of October 5th, 2009

In This Issue

Feature: Green Tech and How It Must Save America

  • Climate Change
  • Energy Independence
  • Green Tech
  • The First Industrial Revolution
  • When the Music Died
  • The Debt Looms Large
  • The Next Industrial Revolution
  • About Kevin Surace

Publisher’s Note: While many of those on the Fox News Clueless Geezer Patrol want the world to continue dithering and discussing (healthcare, climate issues, troop drawdowns, etcetc.), there are now an increasing number of leaders showing up Briefed And Ready. Often as not, these people and companies come from either Silicon Valley or from Asia. Kevin Surace, head of Serious Materials, is such a leader, which is why we asked him to write this Special Letter.

We have to get ourselves up and out of this nightmare of D.C. partisan suicide and move toward action on real problems, using better solutions than in the past. Serious Materials is a great example of such a company, recognizing a huge climate and economic opportunity in the world of construction materials, and moving forward without asking political permission.

In this letter, Kevin lays out the case that has moved him to action. Increasingly, this is a straightforward case to make. MIT, for instance, has just completed a massive new supercomputer simulation of the climate which shows more, not less, dire ramifications for not taking action in the future.

So we welcome a fresh voice, a great new business, and a Special Letter that will help members leave the Patrol behind and move forward toward a more positive future.  — mra.

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