SNS: Special Letter: India’s World

SNS: Special Letter: India’s World


Volume 13, Issue 39
Week of November 1, 2010

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Publisher’s Note: Recently, our members had a chance to learn about China and its positions on economic growth, global cooperation, and intellectual property (See SNS Pinnacle Conversations: China and the US, I and II: It seems only proper, in this era of increasing comparisons between China and India, whether among US diplomats or global business leaders, to add the voice of our regular contributor to the inside view from India – Stanford professor and research scholar Rafiq Dossani.

As you will see from the letter that follows, Rafiq is keenly aware of the difference in perspectives between those inside, and outside, of India, and his current view will help those trying to form their own (perhaps revised) strategies to get it right. It is not too surprising that India, like China, is feeling a sense of increased nationalism and pride, even as the country may be unwilling to take the diplomatic role the Obama administration is hoping for it.

Even though China is now India’s largest trading partner, it seems clear to me that India is looking far and wide for leverage outside this fraught relationship, and finding it. Investors and managers will need to find their own solutions, perhaps with a bit of guidance taken here.  – mra.


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