SNS: Special Letter: Intel vs. ARM

SNS: Special Letter: Intel vs. ARM


Volume 14, Issue 42
Week of November 7, 2011

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Feature: Special Letter: Intel vs. Arm

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Publisher’s Note: Scott Gardner has been living in the world of chip design and manufacture for decades, and he is perhaps the most technically adept of anyone I know writing about chips today. When we recognized the importance of the Microsoft-ARM alliance, we knew that Scott would understand the little details that everyone else might miss in assessing this brave new tectonically shifting technology world.

Whether you work in finance, investment, product design, software, hardware, servers, cloud, or smartphones, you are going to need to be familiar with the issues Scott raises today in this special issue. After reading it, I hope you’ll feel, as I did, that you’re now seeing the strategic landscape in computing and communications in a different way. While ARM has been around and winning deals since the days of Acorn (the company name was “Acorn,” in the beginning), this Cambridge, U.K., company has now found a place for itself in the first tier of chip design companies, and its decisions (and those of its licensees) affect technology industries worldwide on a near-daily basis. – mra, from Berlin.

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