SNS: Special Letter: Moving the Enterprise to the Cloud: Complexity vs. Value

SNS: Special Letter: Moving the Enterprise to the Cloud: Complexity vs. Value


Volume 13, Issue 23
Week of July 5, 2010

In This Issue

Feature: Moving The Enterprise To The Cloud: Complexity vs. Value

  • Barriers to adoption
  • Some useful starting points
    • Why should your business move to the cloud?
    • What factors should you consider to determine which cloud(s) is right for your needs?
    • If you need more than one cloud, how might you manage them?
    • Questions to help determine whether your IT organization needs to change in order to support cloud computing
    • Making IT more scalable
    • Avoiding vendor lock-in
    • Managing an internal cloud for ERP
    • How your IT organization will need to change to support cloud
  • Validating the market
  • Treating IT as a system
  • “Ownership complexity”
  • Legacy physical environment vs. virtualized environment
  • “IT obfuscation”: A sign that the process is flawed
  • Cloud computing is complexity behind the scenes
  • About Mark Thiele


Publisher’s Note: A couple of years ago, our FiRe Conference panels on the cloud began looking more deeply into Cloud construction, Cloud security, Cloud infrastructure discontinuities, and, in general, higher-level Cloud questions. Mark Thiele was then, and is today, an important member of this conversation. Last December, I suggested that there would be Cloud catastrophes, causing some introspection, and a splitting between consumer segment use of the Cloud and Enterprise use. Here, Mark examines this issue from the perspective of complexity, and of someone who has been involved in Cloud design from early on. Whether you are a CIO for a Global 500 company or someone who is selling to these folk, Mark‚Äôs thoughts on Cloud implementation for the Enterprise will prove useful. — mra.

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