SNS: Special Letter: Proactive Healthcare: A Digital Transformation

SNS: Special Letter: Proactive Healthcare: A Digital Transformation


Volume 16, Issue 41    
Week of November 11, 2013

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Feature: Special Letter: Proactive Healthcare: A Digital Transformation

  • Call to a Healthcare Revolution
  • The Quantified Patient Knowledge Really Is Power
  • Getting Beyond BMI
  • Impacts of Digital Health on Employer Costs
  • Employer Case Study: Sharp HealthCare
  • Making a Dent in Chronic Disease
  • The Future of Healthcare
  • Footnotes
  • About Samir Damani

Publisher’s Note: For the last decade, we have been running a discussion thread at the Future in Review conference ( entitled “Fixing Healthcare,” the focus of which has been to close the business model between physician and patient. Over the last few years, thanks largely to member Larry Smarr and his work in Quantified Self health monitoring, we have added fixing the information model, by providing realtime, personal information for anyone interested.

These two steps, properly followed, would revolutionize the American healthcare system, in the most important two ways that count today: improving outcomes and removing costs.

When Larry introduced us to the exciting young firm MD Revolution, we immediately saw it as a harbinger of exactly what these two movements had to offer. By uniting detailed personal profiles with health status and realtime monitoring, CEO Samir Damani is offering a commercial service which unifies all of this new work, and all of these new opportunities.

Whether you are interested in your own health or your company’s bottom line and performance, Samir’s work – and his description of his findings in this week’s Special Letter – will benefit you and your firm directly. It’s a must-read for anyone who cares about the future of healthcare. – mra.

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