SNS: Special Letter: Repairing Brains

SNS: Special Letter: Repairing Brains


Volume 13, Issue 12
Week of March 21, 2010

In This Issue

Feature:  Repairing Brains

  •  The Decade of the Brain
  •  But I Couldn’t Possibly Have a Stroke
  •  The Cost of Stroke
  •  Medical Research in the United States
  •  Patent Law and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  •  Reversing Irreversible Damage
  •  Our Results
  •  About Matthew Klipstein


Publisher’s Note: I have known SNS member and entrepreneur Matthew Klipstein as an “e-friend” since he sold his first company to Corbis. After years of emailing me complex ideas, one day he just dropped off the map. Sometime later, he wrote me a short, rather halting email; his life had changed drastically, and he was open enough to share the details.

I have always had faith in Matthew, and told him so then.

A few weeks ago, in the onslaught of morning emails, I found a press release that, at first, was almost unbelievable. It had come from Matthew’s new company, and that story forms the basis of this week’s Special Letter. If you want inspiration, on almost any level, here it is. Matthew is very straightforward about his personal stake in wanting to find these discoveries, and in the likelihood that they have probably come too late to do his health any service. Even so, it would seem that his contribution may change the lives of millions, for the better, sometime soon.

I am proud to know Matthew, and also to announce that NeuroRepair, his company, has been selected as one of the FiReStarter companies to be highlighted at FiRe 2010.

I think you’ll find this story as uplifting and amazing as I did. — mra.

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