SNS: Special Letter: Solving the Greatest Enterprise Security Threat

SNS: Special Letter: Solving the Greatest Enterprise Security Threat


Volume 14, Issue 24
Week of July 4, 2011

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Feature: Special Letter: Solving The Greatest Enterprise Security Threat

  • Credentials Held Securely in the PC or Smartphone
  • The Trusted Platform Module As Credential Vault
  • Empowering Applications and Services
  • About Steven Sprague


Publisher’s Note: About five years ago, Ray Ozzie, then newly anointed chief software architect at Microsoft, described the world he saw, from a security perspective, and the vision was daunting. He maintained then, and it surely is true today, that the primary challenge for the enterprise operating system would be to allow trusted computing for a new “universe of devices.”

Today that challenge, often referred to as the “consumerization” of enterprise IT tools, represents the greatest security risk chief information officers must face. Do you allow any Android (or, for that matter, Windows) phone onto your network just because Bob or Jill brought it to work?
The first answer is No. Android hacks are already legion, and the efforts have just begun. Not that anyone else in the business  perhaps outside of BlackBerry  has really locked down their phones.

In this week’s special issue, Wave Systems’ CEO Steven Sprague explains a simple, pervasive, low-cost, and effective solution to at least providing security down to the device  the solution most needed by CIOs yesterday  and then down to the user, as well. Why this has not been implemented yet is a separate question, but I will suggest that this technology (or one just like it) will be in full force within five years for securing all of our devices.  mra.

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