SNS: Special Letter: The Making of the Film “Climate Refugees – The Human Face of Climate Change”

SNS: Special Letter: The Making of the Film “Climate Refugees – The Human Face of Climate Change”


Volume 13, Issue 17
Week of May 3, 2010

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Feature: The Making Of The Film “Climate Refugees – The Human Face of Climate Change”

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Publisher’s Note: Last year at FiRe we were fortunate enough to host an advance showing of Louie Psihoyos’ documentary The Cove, which went on to win an Academy Award. This year, we are proud to bring our FiRe attendees an equally moving film, albeit on an entirely different subject. Climate Refugees documents a problem that is global, tragic, growing fast, and, ultimately, personal. I am pleased to announce that Michael Nash and Executive Producer  Stephen Nemeth will be at FiRe for a screening and  group discussion.

Today, most citizens, and their leaders, around the world  are convinced both of climate change and of the human contribution that is increasingly driving this change. The United States is unusual, perhaps, in the lobbying and PR money spent by oil companies in their “Deny, Delay, and Dither” strategy for facing the financial aspects of the problem, and perhaps also in the way that some members of the conservative political spectrum have found solace in denial. In this, they have been unabashedly aided by Rupert Murdoch,Aeos Fox News.

As filmmaker Michael Nash points out in this week,Aeos issue, the problems documented in this new film don’t require political allegiance or a particular view on the cause of climate change. He has done a terrific job of documenting the problem, even today, of millions of people turned into refugees by unexpected, and often rapid, change in climate.

It is a sad situation, but more important, it threatens the security of all nations. In this, all parties and wings can unite in recognizing the importance of  understanding the scope of the issue, predicting its reach (both numerically and geographically), and estimating its impact on our own lives. This is what Michael Nash has done for us.

Michael joins a pantheon of fascinating thought leaders who will be presenting their discoveries and ideas at FiRe 2010. We recognize that a majority of our members will not be present to see this screening of the film, but I hope this letter will lead them to find a showing, and to learn more about this issue on their own. It isn,Aeot going to go away. — mra.

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