SNS: Special Letter: The Next China: Beyond the Olympics

SNS: Special Letter: The Next China: Beyond the Olympics


Vol. 11, Issue 29       
Week of August 18, 2008

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Feature: The Next China: Beyond The Olympics

  • Appendix: Film Excerpts
  • About Sidney Rittenberg
  • About Russ Daggatt

Publisher’s Note:  Most SNS members know Sidney Rittenberg as a co-member and FiRe participant who knew Mao in the Yunan caves, got 16 years in solitary for his troubles, and has been friends with every Chinese national leader since.

They also know that Sidney continues in his dream of working to bridge the interests of China and the U.S., introducing companies in each world, and playing his own part in the globalization of this new economic model we are all testing.

If there is an American who best understands China, its ways, and its people, Sidney would be that person.

We therefore thought that it would be both timely and appropriate to bring to SNS members his thoughts on the subject of what to expect in and from China after the Olympics, as they come to completion and we all start looking and planning beyond the Games.

The following Special Letter is an edited transcript from the Future in Review 2008 conference. For those who were in attendance, Sidney’s words will refresh your memory of yet another extraordinary FiRe interview. For those who were not able to attend, this interview alone illustrates why a single discussion is often worth the price of admission.

Our thanks to Sidney for his steadfast support of Future in Review and SNS, and to Russ Daggatt for having introduced us and for providing yet another great (inter)view into Sidney’s vision. — mra.

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