SNS: Special Letter: The Virtualized Datacenter: Security vs. Agility

SNS: Special Letter: The Virtualized Datacenter: Security vs. Agility


Volume 15, Issue 8    
Week of February 21, 2012

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Special Letter: The Virtualized Datacenter: Security Vs. Agility

  • The State of the Market: Public vs. Private
  • Cloud Bursting Today
  • The Micro-Datacenter and Converged Cloud
  • Cloud Bursting and Carrier Ethernet
  • The Virtualized Data Center: Keeping It Simple
  • Conclusion
  • About Winston Damarillo


Publisher’s Note: Every CEO of every major business today is being faced with a similar conundrum: to consider moving selected applications into “the cloud,” in order to improve utility and cost, or to avoid cloud computing entirely, and therefore avoid the critiques that will come with inevitable hacker penetrations.

At SNS, and specifically at our Future in Review Conference, we are proud to have been the leader in providing deeper discussions of questions like these as they arise, often raising them ourselves in our “Infrastructure 2.0” working groups.

Suffice it to say that, in one of the fastest-changing aspects of technology, the above words have already been re-defined, or lost their meaning altogether, as you’ll see in this week’s issue. Most important, you’ll hear from a world expert on the subject on the different attributes of public vs. private clouds, and how they can be managed together to create new solutions maximizing both the agility that past cloud customers sought and the security that enterprise CIOs and CEOs are increasingly legally required to pursue.

What seemed impossible yesterday, today seems just a bit difficult, but achievable. Author Winston Damarillo, CEO of Morphlabs, one of this year’s FiReStarter companies, has the proper combination of technology, investing, and business in his background to have written the cogent discussion of this critical subject that we proudly include below. I expect this will be a must-read for all SNS members using, or considering, cloud computing. – mra.

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