SNS: The India Report: Mr. Modi’s India

SNS: The India Report: Mr. Modi’s India


Volume 17, Issue 27
Week of July 21, 2014

In This Issue

Feature: The India Report: Mr. Modi’s India

  • What the Budget Was Supposed to Deliver
  • What the Budget Delivered
  • US-India Relations: The Hoped-For Reset and Mr. Modi’s Role
  • About Rafiq Dossani

Publisher’s Note:  As all close followers of India know, the nation has just gone through what many considered to be a near-revolutionary change in government. And then, things went quiet.

In this issue, SNS Asia Editor Rafiq Dossani brings us a no-holds-barred view of exactly how the election was won, who really is in charge today in India, and what we should expect of the new prime minister – and those who helped put him there.

While this may not be the story anyone wants to hear, it may also be the most honest description you’ll read about India’s convoluted political calculus and where that math is leading the nation, and its trading partners, next. – mra.

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