SNS: The India Report: Politics and Bollywood

SNS: The India Report: Politics and Bollywood


Volume 17, Issue 6
Week of February 10, 2014
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Feature: The India Report: Politics and Bollywood

  •  Politics Beyond Prediction
  •  The Economics of Bollywood
  •  About Rafiq Dossani

Publisher’s Note:  Every quarter, Rafiq Dossani succeeds in combining inside knowledge with sharp objectivity to explain important things about India we all thought we already knew. In this week’s issue, he takes on the politics of the coming election – something quite different, in my opinion, from past elections – and makes it all make sense, while providing the inside view of India’s most consistent traditional revenue source, Bollywood.

Whether you care about who will next be running India, what level of corruption they will bring with them, or what the status is of today’s three aging film money-makers, you’ll find it here. And, as usual, you’ll feel as though you’d just spent a week in Mumbai. – MRA, from Hamburg.

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