SNS: The New Frontier: Simplify IT

SNS: The New Frontier: Simplify IT


Volume 15, Issue 24
Week of June 18, 2012

In This Issue

Feature: A Centerpiece Conversation with Mark Hurd: “The New Frontier: Simplify IT”

  • The Power of Integration at Oracle
  • On Big Data, BYOD, and Security
  • Defining the Cloud
  • Private Clouds
  • On Public vs. Private Clouds and Enterprise Security
  • Different Evolutionary Pressures on Cloud vs. Internal Systems
  • Oracle As a Platform
  • Vertical Integration
  • Discovering “Super Integration”

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Publisher’s Note: Mark Hurd and I have had a longstanding friendship, beginning with his time as CEO of Hewlett-Packard. Before we met, I was already working with NCR and Teradata, his home country at the time, because I saw what Teradata could bring, in the world of high-performance computing, to the industry. All of these principles have come forward into what is now called “Cloud Computing,” and those who have been following Oracle since FiRe X have seen both its continued announcements in the Cloud world and its recent earnings bump.

If there is any doubt that the top two competitors in the world are co-founder and CEO Larry Ellison and President Mark Hurd, I think the time for that doubt to end is likely now. As we see energy on the startup side moving back from the Consumer world to the Enterprise, we will also see Oracle moving to consolidate what I first called its positioning as a platform, into what is undeniable, on a global basis.

Oracle has now essentially achieved what participants at the 2010 FiReGlobal : West Coast first saw coming in a Centerpiece Conversation with Mark Hurd: the company truly provides a platform for Enterprise, in every stage of growth, to honor security mandates (Private Cloud) to cost mandates (Public Cloud), including transparency between them.

In this FiRe X interview with Mark Hurd, you will see Oracle in mid-stride, as it moves from the FiReGlobal discussion on “What is a Cloud?” to complete espousal of cloud computing, while bringing its own enterprise-informed solutions which continue to allow both vertical integration benefits on Oracle’s side and security/cost decision-making on the customer side.

You will also notice that I have coined the term “super integration” as a result of this interview, as Mark works to create new cost structures and data integrations from top to bottom. I think you’ll find this conversation to be a key asset in understanding where the Enterprise is headed, and I thank Mark and his team for joining us at FiRe X. – mra.

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