SNS: The Next Five Horsemen

SNS: The Next Five Horsemen


Volume 11, Issue 39   
Week of November 24th, 2008

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Feature: The Next Five Horsemen

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We’re getting ready for our Fourth Annual SNS Predictions Dinner, set for December 11th in New York, again at our favorite hotel, the Waldorf=Astoria (see for details). And, as you might guess, part of the preparation is that I am forced to gather my wits, sit down in a few quiet places, and figure out the predictions themselves.

At the same time, I’ve received more than a few requests to name companies that seem like early rebounders. Among those requests has been the hint that our long-term suggestion of the SNS Four Horsemen (Dell, Intel, MS, Cisco) be revisited and, perhaps, refreshed for this new era.

To that end, I’ve been thinking for the last few weeks about which companies share a combination of traits that, thanks to our new “Split Economy,” will be likely to be worth owning when the markets make their turn.

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