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SNS: The Role of Ads in the Outrage Machine

SNS: The Role of Ads in the Outrage Machine


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Vol. 25 Issue 35

The Role of Ads in the Outrage Machine

  • The History of Ads
  • The History of News
  • The History of the Net
  • Today
  • Tomorrow

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On Our Radar

  • US Postal Slowdown and Unintended Consequences

The INVNT/IP Digest


I could make the argument that the basic technology of AI – if, by that, one means neural nets – segments and divides society. But I’m not going to do that today, so just hold on to that thought.

In this week’s discussion, I’m going after a related and even more insidious idea: that advertising (which uses AI), which you would think would be designed to be attractive to you, actually is bad for you, perhaps is even making you ill.

And, most surprising and more important, instead of the expected goal of pleasing you, it often makes you very, very angry.

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